Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Silbin Sandovar Revue Live at the Gantries plus Wafels

Tonight at Gantry State Park is the Silbin Sandovar Revue. What the heck is this?? I just heard about it. From their Facebook page:
The Queens debut of the "revue" styled group formed by Silbin Sandovar (aka Gustavo Rodriguez) to showcase the amazing musical talents of Long Island City and Astoria music. The Silbin Sandovar Revue was based on the idea that its members would come together only for special events that bring attention to the area’s growing musical community.

The SILBIN SANDOVAR REVUE, is a Queens neighborhood "super group" made up of some of the area's finest bands and musicians.

The Reuve, assisted by a great band, plays original songs written by its various members including Silbin Sandovar, Theresa Rizzo, Andy Stack, Brian Meece & Jeneen Terrana. The Revue's overall sound incorporates many shades of folk, rock and Americana.

Sounds interesting! BONUS: The Wafels and Dinges truck will be there tonight! I heard about it via their twitter feed:

If you go, let us know how it all was!

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