Monday, September 28, 2009

Astoria Love

Has anyone else noticed all the amazing press Astoria is getting these days? I couldn’t be prouder of this little neighborhood that could.

New York Magazine Highlights 31st Avenue

We’ve probably all suspected it, but 31st Ave is certainly becoming quite the destination with a glut of amazing places to shop and eat and its easy central Astoria location. Highlighted favorites include Loveday 31, Candy Plum, Bare Burger, Il Bambino and a few I have to check out like Himalaya Teahouse, Djerdan, and Zenon. Curiously missing is the Astoria staple, Brick, whose charming interiors, bountiful outdoor seating, and classic cuisine all keep us coming back time and time again, so go show them some love too.

Time Out New York Best Neighborhoods

Then came this gem (GEM!) of an article highlighting all the things we already know, including Astoria’s ranks as one of the best ‘hoods in the city. I love this article for its enormous resources, including not only where to shop/eat/drink but things like local singles, resident profiles and lots more info! A great page to bookmark and use over and over again or just to find something new to do in the neighborhood!

(*Picture courtesy of New York Magazine)


JRae said...

I think Brick is seriously overrated. Went there twice, haven't been back in years. Overpriced, food was enh, wasn't in love with the atmosphere like everyone else seems to be.

Sad they left out JJ's Sushi though! That place rocks!

I hope 31st Ave gets more good restaurants like Il Bambino, Bare Burger, and JJ's...

Mackenzi said...

Ah, yes, JJs...that is some seriously good food!

jm said...

I totally agree that Brick is overrated! If I'm walking that way I'm going to Il Bambino.