Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Astoria Waterfront Bike Ride

Astoria Waterfront Bike Ride
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Aw yeah. Here's the pics, peddeling up the East River this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

hi joey, my name is julie and i am interning this summer at an ad agency in NYC. our team of interns were given a project to come up with a creative strategy to increase tourism/visitation to Astoria. I came across your blog while surfing the net for materials and thought you'd be perfect to talk to.

we all visited last week and really had a great time but it's not enough to propel our report out of the water. we're trying to target a younger crowd, maybe say college students and recent graduates. do you have any key insights to what makes Astoria so great and why people who always stay in Manhattan would want to visit this neighborhood?

If you can email me back at, that would be awesome!