Friday, June 10, 2005

Weekend Edition – 05.06.10

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This weekend -- first order of business: Try not to fry to death. The sun is, however, a friend to my basil. If you don't have your own bumper crop of basil, buy some at Astoria Fruit & Vegtable on 38th & Brodway. Pick up some nectarines and lemons, too. Cool off with tasty nectarine-basil lemonade.

Keep that super cool vibe going with free yoga in the park. What's cooler than cucumbers? Have some choice tzatziki sauce and other tasty treats at Philoxenia.

Don't get so mellow that you end up hitched, though. That would be madness.

Stay tuned for a bloggy on Astorian ice cream! That should be some tough research.

- Joey

P.S. See the edition.