Thursday, June 16, 2005

Who can make it better than your Uncle Louie G?

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You didn’t even know this place was there, did ja? Uncle Louie G’s is a small ice cream joint on 38th Street just South of Broadway, right across from Tacos Mexico. A stellar combo, no doubt. It opened at the end of last summer.

Uncle Louie G’s is a small franchise in the Metro area and their ice cream is made in Brooklyn. (It is a chain but, until you open your Mom ‘n Pop ice cream store, that’s really all we have to work with right now.) Louie’s got 33 flavors on tap and there are lots of creative kinds you’ve never ever had before. I like the Dulce De Leche De Louie best. Steve likes the Black Razzberry. What’s your fave?

They also have Italian Ice and you can order ice cream cakes and other treats. (Hint hint. Someone who loves ice cream has a birthday coming up.)

The ice cream is creamy and the flavors are for real. It’s not the cheap stuff. There’s usually no line - maybe a short one. The last time we were there the guy behind us tried to convince me that he and Louie G were buddies. Hell, maybe they are.

There are other ice cream options in the nieghb, but they pale, in my view. Cold Stone Creamery just opened on 35th. I, for one, am not the biggest fan of the corporate take-over of Astoria, so I haven’t been there. Emack & Bolio’s up near Ditmar’s also has its devotees. And if you want frozen dessert with street cred, visit the sno-cone chick on Broadway just West of Steinway on hot days.

Happy Cold Tasty Goodness!

- Joey


beXn said...

I LOVE this place! I've tried nearly all the Italian ice flavors - they're so accurate and amazing - and am now working on the ice cream ones. We live close to this branch and go there almost every night. Plus, there's usually a quart of Rocky Road Rage in our freezer at all times.

I'm glad to have found your site via your comment on mine!

Unknown said...

oh, cheers to that!

Anonymous said...

Honestly Uncle Louie G is really awesome i like that.

Laby[pinstripe suit]