Thursday, June 02, 2005

Weekend Edition – 05.06.02

Soooo, it's finally getting warm out. Outdoor activities, please.

I hope that you went to the LIC Boathouse fundraiser last night so we can enjoy Astoria Beach all summer long. If you didn’t, you can redeem your karma by donating phone cards to soldiers at the local Post Office(s).

This Saturday, get in touch with your adoptive Astoria roots, and enjoy the weather at the same time, with the Greater Astoria Historical Society. They’re doing a walking tour. According to them, they are “not your grandmother’s historical society”. I hope not. My grandmother scared the crap out of me.

Sunday do your own little walking tour. Swing by The Foundry in LIC and sneak a peak at it (just in case you really didn’t go last night, little Miss Lame-o). Meet with your local realtor about reopening Luncheonette. Is this not the cutest storefront you have *ever* seen? Stroll past ARROW and find yourself blown away by my awesome gardening skills as my tomato plants are already fruiting. Whoa.

If those tiny tomatoes are making you hungry – and thirsty - stop into Sunswick and get some tasty corn chips, load ‘em up with guac and salsa, and wash ‘em down with one of 24 taps.

- Joey

PS. See edition. It won't bite.