Thursday, November 03, 2005

Astoria Weekend Edition 05.11.04

You know that local foods are all the rage, but we don't exactly have bean fields here in Astoria. Ms. SpatulaLove has reinvented local foods as a community event. Contribute to her meals and follow the exciting outcome.

The freaks running the New York Marathon will whiz by Long Island City Sunday morning. You can catch them at your favorite Vernon Blvd haunt and you should. It's your duty as a non-marathoning New Yorker. Give a rightous last hurrah to soon-to-be defunct ten63, or check out John's picks. And Make sure to cheer on Astoria poet Stephen Cramer. He'll be #2557.

Celebrate the fact that you didn't run the marathon with your last chance to:

a) see Josh Irving's Jazz Quintet,
b) See Rudy "Brownbird" Relic and
c) help the hurricane survivors,
all on the same night!

Astorians for Hurricane Relief is hosting its final event. Josh Irving is the sweet, sexy, jazzy headliner. Rudy, (you won't believe me 'till you see him) is a big burly dude from the Mississippi Delta, trapped inside a significantly smaller, urbanite man's body. And they both play the hell out of his guitar. Mezzo Mezzo is providing free food. That is *not* a misprint. Plus, all your buddies and pals from Astoria will be there.

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