Friday, November 18, 2005

Astorian Edition 05.11.14

I know you're exhausted from the 11:59 debut of Harry Potter last night so, tonight, pick up a bottle of wine and netflix it. It's no news to you that our neighb has kind of slim pickins in the fruit of the vine, so read up on a nose for wine to arm yourself.

Saturday hit the QNS Film Festival. It's never to early to study up to shock and amaze your friends at your oscar party. Oscar-entry Paheli is showing at Kaufman Zukor Studio Theatre (part of the studios - how cool is that!) at 8pm. Meander down the street afterwards for late night bites at Jasmin for arepas. Soooo good.

Sunday, critically-acclaimed Perhaps Love will be playing at the same locale at 5:30 to send off the festival. (There are actually a ton of good movies playing all weekend long. You might just want to camp out somewhere on 35th Av.) After the festival might be a good time and start working your way down the QNS Michelin list. Malagueta is the only Brazilian entry. It's on 36th about 5 blocks West of the subway line. That'll be one down, 12 to go.

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