Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Scuttlebutt Section

LocaleWord on the street is that something cool is happening with Astoria Beach near Socrates Sculpture Park. Wouldn't it be great to create more public access to our waterfront, regardless of what it is called? Ahem.

Sklar makes an impressive showing for the Green Party in Long Island City Council race. "Robyn consistently received over 25% of the vote in many areas". Read her site.

'Ya know, because there aren't enough hyperthyroidial towers going up in Long Island City. Read Article

Locale (pictured above) on 34th Av appears to be opening up soon. I hear it's a lounge. I also hear the same for Section B on 31st Street. Except I'm not sure that's what it's called. Whatever happened to cool places that aren't all tripped out on Eurostyle?

Brick Cafe owner died during a scuba diving accident this past month. Very sad news. The future of the restaurant is still up in the air to my knowledge. We wish you the best, Brick & family!

Garden of George on Steinway appears to be reopening very shortly as a restaurant.

Brooklyn Industries has apparently opened a store on Steinway. That's just weird.

What the heck are they building in the old Tupelo space? It is a Cow-Town, or what?

Honest to Vinshnu, do we really need two new banks on Broadway between 31st Street and Steinway? BCP and Washington Mutual moved in this past week. At least there's a free ATM now.

so long, ten63. You've been a good pal. Read NYT Article.

Oh, PS. Cup was sold a few months back. Did I mention that? That might be the explanation for the hipster 'tude and rapid decrease in the taste of food. Doozy.


Unknown said...

WOO HOOO! bring on the info scuttlebutt. such exciting news and happenings, thanks cheese!

Anonymous said...

Great Post.

But we should be happy that they're developing LIC. Astoria will benefit from the growth in that area.

Unknown said...

Well Ferris, I don't know about that. If we didn't already have a zillion banks in the neighb, I'd consider the possibility. But I don't see what two more corperate banks really have to offer the community. Other than the free ATM, as I mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Yay, and extended post from Joey! Lots of good stuff here.

Anonymous said...

Note: WaMu is getting rid of free ATMs soon. Honestly, I use WaMu and live on Bway, so I don't mind their arrival. I'd rather have that bank than the 99cent store it's replacing.

Unknown said...

Oh, you drive a hard bargain there. I wouldn't want to have to choose between the two.

mia said...

well you're just full of fascinating info. was wondering about Locale, cool front, but -errr, do we need another cafe?
headed to toast ten63 a fond farewell... the knitters are moving to Communitea it looks like.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how long they've been there, but this past weekend I noticed banners for something called "HydraSpa" on the second floor above Cup Diner. I know there's a Hydra Day Spa on 31st Street and Newtown Avenue. Perhaps they're moving to this new location? Anyway, it's aparently still under construction and it takes up the whole second floor of that large building. So I'm hoping it'll be a real full-service spa with a sauna, steamroom, whirlpool bath, massages, facials, and a hair salon. Of course I'm hoping they won't be charging an arm and a leg. If they do, I'll just stick with the good ol' Emerald Spa on Northern Blvd. off Steinway St.

maura said...

the new bank at broadway and 35th is the first bcp bank i've ever seen. apparently it's a portugese bank that has branches in newark and toronto.

there is so much retail room on steinway between 31st and 34th ... you have the old cohen's fashion optical, the old seaman's, the old hallmark (although there's some construction going on in there, and it was operating as a shady crap-clothing outlet right after hallmark left) ... and that doesn't even mention the kay-bee, or the two floors above rite aid that used to house drake business school!

the crescent lounge got a nice little writeup in time out new york last week, too.

also, check out this $1.4 million house at 46th and newtown ...

Unknown said...

I'm glad the knitters are all set. Hi to Terra and the gang.

Nancy - good call. I saw that, too.

There *is* a lot of retail space on Steinway available. It's odd because it seems like every inch of Broadway will be taken by the end of the month.

Cresent Lounge (Cresent just South of Broadway) is a place I've always meant to write up. Glad someone did.

maura said...

it's a pretty great space! i felt very comfortable there.

also the brooklyn industries store is apparently at 30-63 steinway (which looks to be a former home of the bed and bath gallery) ... and the web site says it's only open from 10/15/05 to 1/15/06? damn.

Unknown said...

oh interesting - just holiday shopping. How about that.