Monday, November 14, 2005

An Astorian Nose for Wine

Fellow Astorian blogger Maura, of Maura dot com, has just launched a wine blog! It appears she has a nose for wine. yay!


Solarkat said...

Hi Joey!

I just saw your post on craig's list on the craft forum--I didn't know you frequented craig's list! Small planet! :) Glad you liked the recipe.

Awesome blog!


(Snowcat on the craig's list)

Unknown said...

Hey Solarkat!

CL is clutch.

FYI - Solarkat has a cool blog worth checking. We just made her Super Lavender Soap recipe. It was so easy!

maura said...

thanks joey :) i'm pretty psyched about this blog. if you ever want to go on wine expeditions around astoria, let me know...