Thursday, February 16, 2006

Astoria Weekend Edition 17.02.06

a joint post by flooz and megc!

Are you all recovered from the record setting snowstorm this past weekend? Did the sudden warm temperatures surprise you by quickly melting away the snow into gross slush/garbage water on your stoop? Well, lets all be glad that the majority of this past weekend's storm is on its way out...and let's make room for this weekend's wind storm instead! No, really, it might be too cold for some of you to want to venture out, but hey, you can always explore from the warmth and comfort of your bed by couch surfing. Or buy one of these super cool looking shirts over the Internet. Oh how I love the shape of the Hell Gate Bridge.

If you're feeling a little heavy in the pocket from your kickbutt tax return, consider bidding in the local silent auction going on this weekend, in conjunction with the festivites at the LIC Boathouse. And if something more public is your style, you can become a permanent part of your neighborhood through the Adopt A Park program. Adopt A Park will let you have a park bench for somewhere between $2,500 - $7,000.

Now, storms make me hungry and maybe they do the same for you, so thankfully there are some interesting and tasty options this weekend. Remember there’s the Venison Dinner at Koliba this weekend. Or have a steak at the excellent Christos Taverna (aka Christos Hasapo Taverna), or Italian at Masso’s, a new restaurant in LIC. Later on Friday, go have some fun singing karaoke at the Albatross Bar, with Pepper Mills & Candy Samples. The festivities start at 11:30pm. Plus there’s $6 pint specials and great mixed drinks.

On Saturday, Restless Natives opens at Local Project in LIC. The opening reception is Saturday, February 18th at 7pm; the show closes March 4th. See a panoply of work by native New York artists: Alex Bevington, Luke Butler, Alan Chin, Simon Eskow, Eugene Fiore, Marni Horwitz, Anna Hostvedt, Emilie Lemakis, Meredith Parker, David Peterson, and Justin Waldstein. Seth Goodwin, the Pain Proof Man, will be performing as well.

Sunday, if you're not one who minds the cold weather, head out to Astoria Park to catch a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Yep, they play even when it’s cold. Games start around 3pm and are very informal. All are welcome. Then afterwards head over and say hi at Freeze Peach, where I, Meg, will be preparing and serving coffee and tea from 4-8pm.

More fun, here.

And have a great day off on Monday! I suggest you sleep in.

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