Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Buy glass...tend bar?

So right there on the corner of 37th St. & Astoria Blvd. is an American Bartenders Association. Have you ever been? Know anyone who has? I wonder about this place.
The glass store under it has a ton of signs directing people around the corner to the correct door - that must mean there are people who go. But where are they???
I have lived around the corner for 5 years and once, maybe 2 years ago in the summer i saw some young whipper snappers standing outside waiting for something. That was it though. I walk by to and from work every day and never even see a light on or any sign of life at all. So my question to you Astorians, whats the dilly?


Anonymous said...

I lived across Astoria Blvd from that place (for a little more than 6 years) and never saw anyone going up there. The most movement I'd ever seen was workers loading/unloading glass for the store below.

megc said...

Maybe it's a CIA safehouse! ;)