Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm Telling You Now So You Can Plan

Astoria Czechoslovak restaurant Koliba is having their annual venison feast this coming weekend, February 17 - 19, Friday through Sunday. According to the website, the special venison feast menu will include wild game meats...which is what venison is. Perhaps non-deer wild meats will be served, like boar? Not sure, Anyway, it sounds like an interesting culinary adventure (if you're not vegetarian, that is). Large groups will be accommodated, it seems. So, call them at 718-626-0430 to reserve a spot for you and your friends!

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Harlan said...

I walked past Koliba the other day and saw this too (although I thought it was last weekend since I wasn't paying attention -- duh). Sounds tasty! I've liked their food (and beer) the couple times I've been there. Koliba is considered the good Czech restaurant in Astoria (unlike Zlata Praha or whatever which is supposed to be terrible).