Friday, February 03, 2006

Here and There in Astoria

Did you know that a number of Queens libraries are offering wireless Internet access? This includes Astoria! Some grant money came through to make this possible. I love the wireless! I bet you do, too.

Totally disgusting: a city barge accidentally dumped a bunch of sewage sludge into the East River last Saturday. They say it's not toxic like chemicals, but don't go swimming or fishing in the River. Bio waste dumped in the East River makes the baby Jesus cry.

And what's up with the SUV violence at the nightclubs on Steinway?

And even though they say it might rain tomorrow, the meteorologists are often wrong. I'm hoping they are this weekend, so that the Winter Bike Tour can happen:
Join Partnership for Parks’ Astoria and Long Island City Waterfront Parks Catalyst Project and Transportation Alternatives on a weekend afternoon bike tour of the planned Queens East River Greenway. See the planned greenway up close and get inspired to help make it a reality. Ride the greenway route and neighborhood streets and visit Queensbridge, Rainey, Socrates, Astoria and Ralph Demarco Parks, which will all be connected by this new waterfront greenway.

The ride is scheduled for Saturday, February 4, at 1PM. Meet at Gantry Plaza State Park, 48th Avenue and the East River.

In case of inclement weather, the ride will be held on Sunday, February 12, at 1PM. But call 917-902-9165 on Saturday to check to see whether things are on or off for the ride.

Happy weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...


I am looking for a way to identify a company we have an appointment with in Astoria--Long Island City on Sat FEB 11th---today is the10th

They are located at 38th Street and 21st AVE---

We thought it was Satart or something like that ---call my cell if you can help 646-208-4977

is our website

Thank you