Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Happy Summer everyone!
I just wanted to share the droolworthy menu for tonight's celebration at the Sculpture Park with you all. I got the advanced listing from my pal and the wonderful and generous -Chef Jonathan Forgash:

•Carolina bbq $5 (pulled pork or grilled chicken breast)
•Buffalo chicken breast $5
•Maryland tuna salad $5
• Jumbo hot dog $3 (with onion relish & saurkraut)
• Goat cheese & fresh berry salad $7 (with mesclun greens & raspberry vinagrette)
• Corn on the cobb $3
• Fresh fruit salad $4
• Iced tea $2, Lemonade $2, Iced coffee $2, Bottled water $1
• Cupcakes $2
• Brownies $2
• Chips $1

Hungry yet?


Jason said...

I'm totally there. :)

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

i was trying to post a pic of my sammich but it didnt let me... oh well-more posts to come of the festivities!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing summer festival.

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