Friday, August 04, 2006

Hello from VT

Hello Astorians!

I hope all is well - er - other than your little power situation going on over there (yikes!). Things are wonderfully cool and green here in Vermont!

Some of you may notice that I've made some small changes to the site - nothing dramatic. Just playing around. My own current blog is hopelessly out of date, but I retrieve my camara (long story) soon and will then be blogging again merrily. Feedback on these (or other potential) changes is welcome. Yes, they include a shameless ad. Don't hold it against Soozy or Meg. Speaking of whom, can you believe what great bloggers they are? Yay for them!



Anonymous said...

You haven't posted since god knows when, yet you still feel it appropriate to advertise on a site that is no longer yours? The only connection you have with this blog anymore is the fact that it has your name on it. I just see this as a way to profit from this blog's recent popularity.

Meg and Flooz have done a wonderful job with this blog and, if I were them, I would be very offended.


Unknown said...

PS. I'm the creator and webmaster for this blog and there's been ads on this site since its inception. And who the hell are you? At least I've got the guts to use my name when posting. Hello.

Mikey Jones34 said...

Yes, I understand you 'created' the blog but you have not contributed anything since you moved. I see no reason for flooz and meg to even continue posting on this blog. I think it's time they created their own blog with better formatting and their names on it so they can get the recognition that your pithy compliment does not give them.

BTW: Did you consult with meg and flooz before you turned off anonymous posting because of my last comment?

CharlieFats said...

Who's the DB?

take care,

whatever said...

I signed up to blogger just to post here.

It's incredibly lame that we can no longer post anon OR post without having a blogspot account. Joey, you have a lot of nerve.

Why are the Astoria links pushed down with ads at the top? Who the hell cares about land for sale in Vermont? What the hell? Can't make any money on your blog and now you want to try and wring some $$$ out of us? I don't think so. You moved away, you have nothing to do with Astoria. If you insist on staying here and messing with a site that is no longer yours, I'll gladly stop coming until Flooz & Meg (hopefully) decide to make their own blog.

Doxy NYC said...

To Joey in Vermont: you started a great blog about Astoria, but you live in VT now!! Meg and Flooz have taken over, and so now it is their blog. I've wondered for the past few months "why the HELL is is still called 'Joey in Astoria' when Joey doesn't live here anymore," nor writes the blog. And BTW, thanks for the &$%# condescending "...other than your little power situation going on over there." I'm sure it would have been a 'little situation' if you still lived here and had to live thru a heatwave w/o A/C or food/drink from the fridge. Not.

Thanks, and goodbye.

Think its well overdue for

Oh yeah, and my name is David Vought (not afraid to post my name either!)

Unknown said...

Eeow. Ever heard of constructive criticism? Or asking nicely? This website is about community and postive energy. I've done nothing to detract from that, but some of the above certainly have. You seem to be simply waiting for an opportunity to pounce on someone. Nobody's getting hurt here - there's no need to get angry.

Of course I ask for the writer's input. I take it very seriously. I would never do anything they didn't like and always try and do everything I can to make the site meet thier needs. As a matter of interest, we've all agreed to keep the name of the site for consistancy reasons, tho I've offered to change it many times.

If you need to vent, get therapy. If you want to offer an opinon here, do so respectfully, please. Thank you.


Unknown said...

p.s. we do have our own blogs-check the side bar :)

Unknown said...

Ah, good point, Sooz.

Hey Charlie, we don't know the DB. But trolls are everywhere, I guess. It's a strange world, the blogosphere. I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

rainbowtiger said...

Ok, then it is also my opinion is that taking away anon/non-Blogger commenting is lame and that coming back to pimp out some land you are apparently selling, or are somehow involved with, is rude. There has never been a problem here with trolling and the posting options were only taken away when *you* got mad someone dared to comment negatively on your post. Just because people voice their opinions with something you’ve said does *not* make them trolls or in need of “therapy”. Talk about disrespectful…

No one here has been nasty or rude to you or the people who now write for this blog. If anything, your attitude has been disrespectful to the people who read this blog on a daily (or weekly) basis. You come here and post that condescending little remark about the blackout and then advertise land for sale in VT and you don't expect some harsh opinions? Right.

Sorry to rant meg & flooz, but I think you’d be surprised by how many people were rubbed the wrong way by the original post.

Unknown said...

• just a note: i am not offended at all. when i signed on to contribute to the blog i never for once thought it would be anything other the Joey in Astoria. Its her baby even if she moved. This is a great resource for alot of people and i credit this blog for alot of things i've gotten a chance to do and learn in Astoria-i try not to get too bitchy or catty on here because to me, its supposed to be a lighthearted easy to read spot to pop in and check on the haps. Maybe there will be some re-tooling of the site, but that really remains up to Joey, Meg and myself- one thing will remain the same though, Astoria rocks and we're hear to let everyone know that :)
I'm glad so many of you are still around and reading up, i hope to keep up my end of this relationship and keep on keepin on. thanks peeps

Annie said...

Hello. I've joined this little discussion a bit late, I realize, but I have been asked to be 'guest blogger' for this site until the end of September; I agreed because I think the most contributing voices, the better. However, I did not know that there was this kind of strife brewing amongst the readers. I think that some of you out there are clearly hurt and feel maligned by direction this blog has apparently taken. I'm sorry that you feel that way and I hope that you can continue to visit the site to read all our varied accounts of Astoria... afterall, its an editorial venture by nature. I hope that if you just read what you want and simply don't read what you don't want, we can continue to have a great community dialogue on some level. Thanks and see you out there on the streets of Astoria!