Thursday, May 17, 2007

Astorian Weekend Edition 17.05.07

Free Candy? Heck yeah! Friday at Waltz, enjoy the operatic stylings of the City Beat Opera.
Fill your ears with great standards and cabaret pieces for the low low cover of $5 and fill your belly with sweet sweet candy (and the other delicous treats they have for sale too.)

Saturday feel the love and join Marriage Equality New York for the Wedding March. They are going over the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan's Foley Square. You may ask yourself so what does Astoria have to do with this? Well quite a few Astorians are involved and some will even be performing (Candy Samples and the Gender Offenders) at the rally afterwards! The festivities start at 11 a.m. in Foley Square: head out there and support our peeps!

Just the other day, Meg filled us in on all the ice creammy goodness in Astoria, but actually since then, another great option popped up. Freeze Peach is now carrying tea based ice creams! For $3.75 you get a a pretty large cup filled with your choice of butterfly sencha, espresso honey, black currant. Flavors vary but those are the inaugural batch. Just another great reason to stop in, can you tell we love the place?

Holy crepes!
We'd like to welcome Cafe Triskell to the nabe. You may recognize the place as the old Lil Bistro 33, such a cute space just had to be used again! Chef Philippe Fallait has his crepes going on, I must say :) I ordered the hearty Broceliande (chicken, grilled veggies and goat cheese) and sampled the Benodet (mushrooms, swiss and herb butter). They were both phenomal! The banana and homemade chocolate crepe was also a hit. The prices range from $4 to around $9 and there are also soups, salads and sandwiches. This really is a great little gem we've been gifted, stop in and give them a taste. Merci Chef Philippe!

my other pics from the cafe here


JudyB said...

Would you want to go into any establishment where food is sold and people have their dirty, bare feet up on the couch or chair(s)where other people are suppose to sit and drink and/or eat and the management allows this to go on?

Do you think it is too much to ask that when an establishment is charging $9.00 for an "all you can eat buffet" on a Saturday night that you put out utensils so that people are not touching food with their hands? And, if management sees this happening, is it right that these actions are being ignored?

I realize that Freeze Peach management wants people to be comfortable, but this is a public place, not anyone's living room.

And as far as handling food, I don't know where a person's hands have been. But the one Saturday night I was there I did see a man who had his feet up on the couch, scratch his one foot and then go directly to the food and pick up some celery with his bare hands.


Anonymous said...

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