Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Birthday JIA!

Aw, crap. I totally just missed our 2-year birthday.

Thank you readers and oh-so-amazing writers for all the fun!

Here's a link to our 5th-ever post. Just to be silly...
Where to Shoot Pool in Astoria - April 2005
(One of the places mentioned in this post is closed now, as you may well know.)



Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Indeed!
A big thanks to Joey for setting up this great site and to my co-hort Meg for keeping up with all the Astorian goings on with me :)

Here's to Astoria and JIA!!!!

megc said...

Another happy birthday wish from me! It has been so fun writing for the site and working with both Joey and Flooz. Here's to lots more fun! I *heart* JIA!