Sunday, May 06, 2007

News from Fresh Start

The other day I was at Fresh Start, the natural foods/organic grocery over on 23rd Ave between 31st and 29th (right between delicious Michael Angelo's and the nice people at Omega Wines), and as I was in the back getting cat food (Wellness - my kitty loves it!), I saw a door a backyard patio! They are finally opening the outdoor/garden space they had talked about soon after opening a year and a half of so. It looks really nice. It's a space where you can take your prepared foods and and drink sit back and eat. They also want to make it available to community groups looking for a space in which to meet. I think it's going to be a really nice addition to the area.

Also, the owner told me that they are going to make the changeover to environmentally serving products soon (the order has already been placed). That means instead of plastic cups and straws, they will be made of corn, similar to what Freeze Peach uses. Also, they are going to provide biodegradable cutlery, and I guess maybe serving containers.

Big thumbs up!


Unknown said...

I was in the store today and someone was sitting in the open backyard patio. It looked very nice.

I'm thankful to have the store in the neighborhood and am glad to support it.


Anonymous said...

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