Monday, August 13, 2007

Rock out!

OK people, there is no excuse to miss this (unless you hate him)
I am posting this way in advance... for dorks like me :)
Clear your calendars for the man - the myth - the legend- Tommy Lee
Thats right, the famously infamous MOTLEY CRÜE drummer/Ex Mr. Anderson will be spinning for the locals on Friday night September 7th at the Central Lounge. So get the gang together and stop by for what i assume to be a very eventful night!


Unknown said...

I was just up on their site and it says that Friday nights there are three DJs, one of which is "DJ Tommy". It doesn't make any mention that it is the tattooed rocker/porn star. Who told you that it was Tommy Lee?

Unknown said...

Just wanted to update this. It seems Tommy Lee couldn't have been in Astoria playing as he was too busy getting slapped around by Kid Rock the next night. It's highly unlikely that he was here the night before.