Thursday, September 20, 2007

Astorian Weekend Edition 20.09.07

May I suggest some dinner for tonight at Zenon Taverna or Mundo? You can get in on the Queens Restaurant week specials at these and several other spots throughout town. For only $20 (but not on weekends), I say go for it and try those places you've been meaning to get to!

You can also get your trivia on Thurs... along with $5 pitchers at Dillinger's (46-19 30th Ave). All the useless info your brain can handle brought to you by the Trivia Girls, another 5 bucks and 3 other friends will get you in on the action.

Have you seen the new face on Candy Plum (30-98 36th Street)? Well they've gone pink! Check out their new look and get in on a bunch of new designer originals and sales like crazy.

Last Resort Art Space (8-63 Astoria Blvd @ 12th St) has a show on Saturday at 9 pm. Can't beat 5 bucks for 5 bands! This party will go on until the wee hours so take an afternoon nap if need be :). Its a BYOB type thing so spending stays down (how's that for a cheap date!)

Sunday morning at 11 in Astoria Park, the Pug meetup group will be looking for YOU to create their new Pug T-shirt! HAHAHA I kid you not, they are holding a contest with prizes and all. Get more info here and maybe we'll see your design around town.

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