Sunday, September 09, 2007

Dolce Italia Bakery in Astoria

While walking home from a fun-filled afternoon with friends, my guy and I spied the Dolce Italia Bakery storefront outfitted with a "Grand Opening" sign. We went to open the door and the owners beat us to it, opening up and showing off all their delicious treats. The store is crisp and clean and the baked goods looked fabulous. Lots of Italian cookies, little tarts, big cakes, amazing looking marzipan fruits, cheesecakes, and my favorite, cannoli. We tried a hazelnut chocolate cannoli and a tiny little strawberry-kiwi tart. Both were really delicious! I loved the hazelnut and chocolate combo in the cannoli, plus the consistency of the filling was smooth yet substantial. The little tart had a lot of fruit flavor in it for such a little thing, and the pastry cream sitting below the fruit was clean and not overly sweet, and balanced well with the fruit. So, a big thumbs up from us. I'll be back for sure.

FYI, Dolce Italia is in the place of the old Modern Italian Bakery.

Dolce Italia Bread & Pastry Shop
36-06 Ditmars Blvd.


Jenonymous said...

Thanks for the headsup! Those marzipan fruits DO look awesome.

megc said...

They look awesome, but for me, marzipan is what evil must taste like. ;)

Anonymous said...

Delicious bakery I wish there's have any yummy pastry.

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