Thursday, September 27, 2007

Astorian Weekend Edition 27.09.07

Well, this is the last weekend of September - October is just around the corner and I expect the full reality of fall will hit me then. This warm/hot weather this past week has kept me in the mindset of summer. Can't put the summer clothes away just yet! And you can hang on to the last bit of summer with a trip to PS1 in LIC. Their summer line up of exhibitions is there for just a bit longer, just until October 8. Get there to see Peter Young, Jack Whitten, and many other before their works come down.

On the art-related front, this weekend the Women's Studio Center in LIC (21-24 44th Avenue) presents their annual Members Exhibition, Small Works, Big Ideas. They're having an opening reception on Friday from 5-8pm. Come by to see a variety of media, from painting, to sculpture, to bronze work, among others. I stopped by this week and saw a lot of wonderful pieces. My favorite is a little bronze horse - it's really lovely. It's definitely worth a trip.

And on Thursday, the Art-O-Mat holds a reception for 11101:The Space at Art-O-Mat, The Space's residency there. The Space "has been providing free studio, rehearsal, and performance space for the creative arts" in LIC since 1999. The reception is at 6pm with live banjo music by Johnny Coughlan and Friends. Art-O-Mat is located at 46-46 Vernon Blvd.

On Saturday, the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center (LPAC, 47th Avenue at Van Dam in LIC) presents the Pasha Dance Company, Korea’s elite dance troupe, in their US debut. They will perform its signature piece, Mok-Ryeon, Ascendable the Cloud Nine, which is inspired by Dante’s Paradise and Buddhist thought. They use contrasting colors and choreography to tell the story of the Buddhist disciple Maudgalyayana. They will also present Everlasting Mass Communication, winner of the Korean Ministry of Culture’s Best Dance Production in 2006. 8pm, General Admission: $20 / $10 Students.

On Friday, see the documentary City of Water at Socrates Sculpture Park from 7-9pm. The description: "With New York City's waterways finally coming back to life, this short documentary explores the aspirations of public officials, advocates, environmentalists, recreational boaters and regular New Yorkers for their waterfront as development along its shores proceeds at a gold-rush pace. The documentary features interviews with Majora Carter, Dan Doctoroff, Cathy Drew, Joy Garland, Philip Lopate, Nydia Velazquez and others."
It's probably a good idea to rsvp for this at

For eats, maybe stop by Cafe Soleil on Astoria Blvd or Patisserie la Brioche D'Or on Steinway Street, both new to the neighborhood. Water Taxi Beach is still going strong, with DJ Victor Franco spinning there Saturday night. Great dogs and burgers can be had there.

More fun, here.


Unknown said...


The Musical Saw Festival was in July... it's NOT this weekend! It only comes once a year. There is a different event at the Historical Society this weekend - you must have copied & pasted the wrong info...

You can see a video from the last Musical Saw Festival here (19 sawists playing together):

megc said...

GAHS has totally changed their events page in the last 24 hours. I believe they had old stuff up with wrong dates. It's happened before. Thanks for the heads up, though.