Thursday, September 20, 2007

Filming at the precinct?

Its midnight and i just got a phone call from my best boy on his way to work to inform me that there is something brewing at the 114th tonight. He saw a bunch of lights and cameras set up. Anyone have the skinny on this? Am i missing out on some big stars 3 blocks away from home?
Should i have gotten my butt up and ran over there? Well, too late- i'm in my jammies and about to shut down. Just wanted to get this out there in hopes of some info from you guys!

thanks :)


Rafael Mejia said...

Hmm maybe this has to do with the filming that happened in my street (22nd road between ditmars ave. and 23rd ave.) like 3 days ago. There were signs on every lamp and stop post, threatening to take your car away if you parked there on said date.

I left to work at 8am and the street was packed with film crew carrying equipment and such. Oh and a huge carpet full of breakfast.

Miss J said...

Don't quote me on this, but I think it's that new SATC-type show with Lucy Liu ... word is that they've been filming some scenes around Queens.

Anonymous said...

Oh so theirs have shooting for a film?

Laby[seersucker suits]