Monday, October 13, 2008

Best Cappucino?

Best Cappucino?
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I had heard that Terrizi Bakery had excellent espresso/cappucino in the neighborhood, some claiming it was the best. So I headed to the bakery today to check it out.

I will say, it is not the best I've had in town. It was ok, but a little bitter for my taste. I did like that it wasn't a mondo size, overwhelming with calories.

One of the best cappucinos I've had is at Cafe Expresso [sic], over on Steinway in the Arab section. Really tasty. I also recently tasted a decent latte from Chocolate Spoon.

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inflammatory writ said...

Best cappuccino in Astoria is Gian Piero Bakery, which is on 30th avenue between 44th and 45th streets. Trust me on that!