Sunday, October 05, 2008

Currently at Sunswick

Upcoming at Sunswick
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Though I've been put off by the attitude of some behind the bar with regard to showing the games on TV, they do have a great selection of beers on tap - 24 total, plus there are some in bottles. Their food is ok, too - I remember really liking the grilled veggie sandwich.

They're having Oktoberfest specials until the 18th, which is cool. Pumpkin ale sounds delicious, and I wonder what the "awesome" German food is - sausages? red cabbage? schnitzel? I think it's worth investigating.


Unknown said...

The cheeseburgers at Sunswick are some of the best in NYC! I've been told by the folks there that they grind their own meat, which is why they are so delicious. The waffle fries don't hurt either. Not healthy at all, but so wonderful when its cold outside.

I love this blog, Joey. Thanks for loving Astoria.

Unknown said...

Oh! I didn't see that Meg posted this comment. Thank you to Meg, Sooz and Judith too. You guys are great.