Friday, October 10, 2008

Sparrow Burger

Sparrow Burger
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This burger was very good. The fries - herb fries - are also delicious. I think they've gotten better at cooking them, too. There were also spicy fries at the table, which were actually "spicy spiced", meaning they had cumin and another flavor I couldn't put my finger on, along with the spicy. They were very good. Loved the gruyere on this burger. It's still my favorite in town.

Sparrow Bar, 24-01 29th St., Astoria NY.


Harlan said...

The burgers are good again? That's good. There was a bit of a slump when they changed cooks... I love their herb fries!

megc said...

Yep! I was pleased. Oh, they changed their bun, though, but it was fine. So glad they've improved the spicy fries, too. I look forward to my next visit!