Thursday, July 30, 2009

Punta Dura - Northern Italian Yummies

Last week, Meg and I tried Punta Dura Northern Italian restaurant, which we both loved. Although I've seen this place before, I never had the inclination to go in because I thought that they mostly catered to private parties. So not the case - you can go in on any night to enjoy their hospitable service and fresh, delicious eats.

Highlights from our dinner:

Baked Clams Oreganata - One word - awesome! The clams were super fresh and the best part was the crispy, well-done breadcrumb topping with garlic and parsley. The clams were meaty and delicious and Meg and I enjoyed three sizeable pieces each.

Grilled Branzino - When you go to Punta Dura, you simply must get the fish. Each day offers a different option and we ended up with the branzino, which was more than fine by us. Our waiter presented the rustic fish to us first, and then proceeded to debone it tableside--super impressive! Once we tasted it, we were in love--the texture was perfect and it had nice char from the grill. Simple but good seasoning was used and we enjoyed the sides of fresh vegetables and crispy potatoes.

Dessert - Meg got the tiramisu, which she liked but what stood out to me was the Torta Frutti di Bosco (pictured above). The ricotta filling was creamy and luxurious, resting on a flaky, buttery crust. The ricotta was topped with fresh berries and tons of powdered sugar, making this dessert indulgent but at the same time summery.

Service and Cost:
Our server was professional, nice and really knew his stuff. He was able to recite the history of certain dishes as well as their impressive stock of international wines.

Costs are affordable and include the following:

Appetizers: $8.75 - $12.75
Pasta: $12.75 - $21.75
Entrees: $14.75 - $29.75

Want a $20 gift certificate?
Send us your favorite Northern Italian dish - comment on this post with your feedback - and we'll send you a $20 gift certificate to Punta Dura (while supplies last).

Punta Dura - 41-15 34th Avenue, Astoria NY 11103
R/V/G Train to Steinway Street


Unknown said...

Here is a good Northern recipe. I wish I had more time to make such things!

DMBY said...

Carbonara of course! Here's a link to a recipe - site complete with authentic (?) Italian music.

Alex said...

I have always loved osso bucco

hexadecibel said...

My favorite is risotto alla Milanese, but I also like dishes made with polenta.

vic jester said...


Anonymous said...

My favorite Northern Italian dish is eel bagna coada!

Fooditka said...

Everyone who responded: email us your mailing address and we will send you the $20 gift certificate to Punta Dura. Email to

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm craving for all those foods look so tasty.

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