Friday, August 21, 2009

Getting To Know…Astoria Wines

Open just one week, Astoria Wines already feels like an old neighborhood favorite. Located on the bustling block of Broadway and 35th street, this rather impressive wine shop stocks 100’s of wines. Owner Yang Gao focuses his attention on small, family owned vineyards that provide exceptional quality at a great value. He uses his immense knowledge of wines to bring a fantastic selection of really special wines to Astoria. Trained as a classical oboe player, Yang found it hard to find satisfying work, and took up his second passion wine. Working for years as a wine distributor in and around NYC helped him hone his wine tasting skills. He personally tries every wine before it hits the shelves at Astoria Wines.

His love of the arts extends past the oboe, too! Each month, Astoria Wines will feature a different local artist exhibition lining their front ‘gallery’ and wine tasting area. Tonight Astoria Wines will host their first wine tasting, bringing three great wines out to share and discuss with customers: a California Petite Syrah, a California Sauvignon Blanc, and a fantastic French Burgundy Red. While you enjoy a fantastic wine, don’t forget to check out the sea inspired artwork by local artist Gabriel Perici.

I know I couldn’t be more excited to welcome another independently owned business to Astoria. Add to that the fact that Yang has a great eye for wine and a passion for Astoria and really, what could be better? Oh yeah, their great wine specials, case discounts, and free local delivery.

Wine tasting tonight 8/21
6:30-9:30, no cost.

Astoria Wines
34-12 Broadway


[edge] said...

I went last Friday for the wine tasting and loved the place. The owner is incredibly nice and knowledgeable. It's an awesome addition to Broadway and Astoria in general.

Unknown said...

Cannot help but notice the pic of Mulderbosch's Rose...which is quite tasty! How excellent that they carry that!

GerdyGirl said...

i passed by last night and the place was closed!

what's up with that?

Mackenzi said...

GGirl- There are 'Blue Laws' in this state that limit the time wine and liquor shops can be open on Sundays. I'd give them another try on any other day! -Mackenzi

The Will to Power said...

There are some great family owned wines that come out of Astoria. Biancaniello is amazing!