Wednesday, August 05, 2009

New Middle Eastern Sweets

I'd been eyeing Al-Sham Sweets & Pastries (24-39 Steinway), the new Middle Eastern pastry shop on the corner of Steinway and 25th Ave, since it opened a couple months ago. Their dizzying window display is piled high with pyramids of phyllo-wrapped and pistachio-studded goodies. I finally stopped in last week and tried a square almond cookie on the recommendation of the woman behind the counter. The little bar, which only set me back a dollar, featured a delicious, tender cookie (with no small tad of butter, yum) topped with almond paste and a thin layer of sweet glaze. The shop features all sorts of Palestinian and Jordanian desserts, from baklava to whole cakes. I'll be back too soon for my own good, and look forward to the time when I tell my incredulous grandchildren about the good old days when I used to get dessert for a dollar.


Anonymous said...

rumor has it the former pastry chef from laziza is the owner.

megc said...

Very interesting about the Laziza connection - when you say "former", are you saying they recently lost their chef to this place, or a former chef from time gone by? I went in there this weekend and a lot of things looked familiar from Laziza. I bought a couple of things, and liked the sweet that was filled with sweetened fresh cream. Yummeh!

Anonymous said...

According to the baker's wife — they own Al-Sham together — he parted ways with Laziza in May 2009 after seven years in their kitchen.