Sunday, August 16, 2009

So I've heard...

New brick oven pizza is coming! It will be on the corner of 37th Street and 30th Ave. If it's good, this will only pump up the awesomeness that is this block. Looking forward to trying it. [foodista]

Top Tomato has closed! So sad! According to my sources, the rent was being raised, Top Tomato said no to it and said bye-bye. I don't know how sad they were to close, but I do know there were there for over 20 years, so I expect it was a huge disappointment at least. Will more greengrocers crop up as a result? Will neighboring Taverna Kyclades expand into that space? Your guess is as good as mine. We shall see. [astorians]

I walked by Sweet Afton last week and saw some beautiful new windows installed in the front. I have high hopes for this place, and really look forward to enjoying a pint and some grub there very soon. [walking around]

There's a new wine store on Broadway (near 34th/35th Streets). Good prices and 10% off right now. They are open til 11 during the week, midnight on Saturday and 8pm on Sunday (you can thank NYS laws for that). [astorians]

New tapas restaurant La Rioja on Broadway should open very soon. People have seen the doors open, revealing a nice dining area. La Rioja is in the old Arcos space. I can't wait to try it, and would so love that it might be as good as my all-time favorite tapas place, Cesar. [astorians]

A reader told us about a new gelato place on 35th Ave near 37th Street, called Berry Lover. Well, I was over there yesterday and tried it. It's very tasty with a nice smooth consistency (sort of like very thick soft-serve or frozen custard). I tried the pistachio, nutella, and almond joy; I chose the almond joy (I love coconut). I'd definitely go back to try other things, including their sorbets; they also have frozen yogurt (but please don't call it "froyo"). [walking around]

There's a new cafe in the Ditmars area: Surf Astoria. It's up the stairs by the produce market and McDo's, set next to the Giving Tree Yoga Studio. They have tea, coffee, snacks (sometimes they have Martha's cupcakes and black and whites), internet access, and a really nice staff. You can follow them on twitter, too. [walking around]

S'Agapo has changed!! Apparently they're now called Sofia. According to an 8/15/09 yelp review, "This is very recent... Several of the old staff are there, but they are in transition... The kitchen staff is for the moment the same, but the menu is not as extensive. Some of the spreads on the Pikilia appetizer plate are no longer there and there was no horta available (WHAT!). To be fair, the new owner came over toward the end of the meal to introduce himself, but this is definitely the end of an era in the neighborhood." [yelp via Chowhound]


Fooditka said...

Great post Meg - I'm absolutely heartbroken, crushed, deflated about S'Agapo. Nooooo!!! :(

Unknown said...

Oh no! E tu, S'Agapo?

Mackenzi said...

It was weird to meet the new owner, and see it all change so fast. I wish they would have just closed S'Agapo and created a new restaurant- they'll never be able to recreate the magic that Barbara could. Here's to hoping!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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