Friday, September 30, 2005

Astorian Edition - 05.09.29

It's Fall! My favorite season! Finally, you can bust out your corduroy and alpaca. Oooooh! Classics never die, so bike over to Astoria Park. Admire the newly cleaned shoreline and then pick up some pretty Fall leaves and decorate your apartment with them. Shut up. You know you want to.

You've never been to the Museum of African Art and you haven't drawn much since you got kicked out of art class for that paper mache incident (it gets *hot* in there!), so mosey over to the Museum in LIC (another short bike ride away) and Strike a Pose! AT 2PM where you'll get to do both. After the ride home warm up to *four* kinds of green tea at the new Himalayan Teahouse on 31st Av between 34th & 35th Street.

When you've had enough of sporting your Fall wardrobe cozy up to your favorite mac product (PS. If you bought the Nano watch out that that shit doesn't snap in half, dude) and tune into Astoria's homegrown podcast ThisShowAgain. They'll make you giggle.

PS. There's a hot new thrift shop in the neighb. But I'm not telling you where yet.
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p said...

Aww, come on, J - tell me where the thrift store is! I'm a poor student in desperate need of new clothes... :-)

Unknown said...

ah jeez - the real reason I didn't give the specs is cause I haven't really checked it out yet. It's on 36th Av around 32nd St.

Anonymous said...

Is it Loveday 31 on 31st Ave between 34th and 35th? That place RULEZ, but it ain't cheap!

p said...

Compared to Manhattan thrift stores, Loveday 31 is waaay cheap. I mean, clothes there cost less than new ones!

Unknown said...

I agree. I think it's a pretty good deal.