Monday, September 05, 2005

Freeze Peach Cafe

It took me years to finally get my butt into Freeze Peach Cafe. Most of you reading this practically live there, I bet. But if you haven't been, you really should swing by. It could, technically, be construed as an internet cafe, but - hello - it's awesome. There's a zillion kinds of clutch tea and now coffee, enormously friendly service and 1/2 hour free wif-fi with every tea purchase! They've got a bunch of laptops there, so no need to lug yours unless you want to.

The coolest part about Freeze Peach is that they host a zillion different kinds of community groups and facilitate this with thier website. Some of the groups are encouragingly obscure. FP is totally all about community and a lot Ditmars folk seem to have made friends and roomates there.

I would've posted a pic, but you might as well just check out the webcam.

PS. Matt makes a mean cup o' joe, too.


Anonymous said...

yeah, freeze peach! i just want to concur - the freeze is my source for friends, activism, community, wiredness and beverages.

Anonymous said...

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