Thursday, September 01, 2005

Do Astoria's Part

New Orlean's is under water, folks. Scary. I feel very lucky today. And I can't help remembering what living through 9/11/01 was like and how much support New York got from the rest of the world. Now it's our turn.

Bloggers across the spectrum (and world) today are joining together to plead with you to share a little of your resources with those who've lost all of theirs. Please consider donating to Catholic Charities (actually a very liberal organization) or another group to aid the survivors. It's okay if you don't have a lot of cash. Give what you can. If you have a lot, give a lot. If you have a little, give a little. Every bit counts.

Craig has (naturally) set up an environment for us all to find ways to help. Check out the big red link on the left of craiglist: new orleans. Wikipedia has has tons of useful info.

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