Thursday, September 29, 2005

Small job, big love

Calling all Astorians and LICers - as you may know, I'm helping to plan an event series to raise money for the survivors of hurricane Katrina. The first event is next (not this) weekend and We're looking for volunteers (businesses and individuals) to canvas for the event. Can you pass out some pretty flyers? Or ask a few stores on your block to put up some very wonderful posters? You better. Ahem, oops - did I say that? If you can pitch in we (and the people we're raising $ for) would really appreciate it.

Get your morning fix of flyers *and* tea. Meet up at Freeze Peach at 12:00 noon Saturday to pick up flyers, and posters, and mark on a big giant map, the area that you'll cover to offer local businesses posters to promote the event. See you there!

If you're like deathly ill and can't make it, but want posters and flyers, please respond here. Please please please!

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