Friday, September 02, 2005

Weekend Edition 05.09.02

Could things look any more bleak? It's Labor Day weekend. New Orleans is submerged and you're stuck here in the City to contemplate it all.

First order of business, check out Craig's online relief community and list of worthy dot orgs to find a few ways that you can make a difference. You'll feel at least a tiny bit better. And so will the people you're helping! Another good way to get some warm fuzzies is to visit the oh-so-cozy Freeze Peach Cafe. Besides, it's their one year anniversary.

My strategy from there? Distraction distraction distraction.

There's still cause in the world to celebrate. (Otherwise we let the hurricane win!) One such cause is Brazilian Independence Day. As my pal John blogged earlier this week. Get to MoMI tonight to observe properly.

Catch the last Warm Up! at P.S. 1 this Saturday starting with a live performance by Clifford Owens at 2pm.

Then on Sunday, recover from your current existential crisis with some Buddhist meditation.

Squander away your day off in hours of internet bliss mapping all your favorite Astorian haunts on our new Community Map of Astoria.

And then? Toss a few back in honor of the Big Easy. Don't feel bad. New Orleans practically invented drinking.

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