Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Why I like Trade Fair

You can't get this at the Setauket Stop N' Shop!

I once made the mistake of calling it, when I first moved there, "Shop N' Stop." The cashier informed me that I was incorrect, and gave me this phrase to remember it correctly: "First you stop, then you shop." And I also once saw a guy named Otto working there. I don't know whether or not he was spacing the cans correctly.

Anyway, I'm pleased with the interesting things I found at the Trade Fair. I'm sure they are delicious as well (I know the Sabra will be).


megc said...

That kind of hummus I bought has za'atar on it, I think. Damn it was good.

Unknown said...

I have to issue a little caveat to the praise showered on Trade Fair here - I've worked at a catering business for 15 years, and am familiar with the standards for keeping a sanitary establishment.

Be wary of the fresh foods at Trade Fair on Ditmars blvd. in Astoria. Their meat section constantly smells of spoiled meat and bleach. On two separate occasions I had purchased meat there for consumption the same day - and both times I could TASTE whatever foul cleaning products their using AFTER IT WAS THOROUGHLY COOKED, in addition the meat sold as fresh is usually a day from completely spoiled. On both occasions it made me nauseous. I've thrown out chicken purchased there after two days in my fridge - if you have ever smelled raw chicken that is past its prime, you do not forget it. Most likely the bleach taste is from re-using rags & cleaning solution day after day (which is against health code), so lord knows what is floating around in there. They may have an decent selection of exotic items, but its far from noteworthy based on that alone. You can't eat canned/processed food every day, and there are TONS of cleaner speialty stores in the NYC area.