Thursday, June 15, 2006

Astorian Weekend Edition 16.06.06

After work Friday go check out the tons'o purses and jewelry at the new store on Ditmars and 32nd St., Brazilianiki. With such a random Brazilian/Greek name it could have been a fusion cuisine restaurant! They have all sorts of girlie things but the emphasis here is definitley on bags and baubles! At least from the accents of the employees, i can tell you it is Brazilian!

So theres this little party going on this Saturday over at the Sculpture Center (44-19 Purves St. LIC) from 6-8pm. Not For Tourists Guidebooks is celebrating the first and "only" printed guide to Queens. You might be familiar with these handy little books "an annotated, map-based Yellow Pages that fits in your pocket" , if not check them out here. They retail for about $10 bucks but i hear that those attending, will walk away with free advanced copies. Not bad huh? The founders and publishers will be there to discuss and answer questions too.

Sunday is Father's Day...How's about taking him over to Agnanti for dinner? This greek gem is on Ditmars and Astoria Park and is sure to please the palate.
You could also take him over to the Irish Rover for a good cause. They are "throwing" a Cancer fundraiser Darts For Dollars. Starting at 3pm there will be prizes, raffles, darts, and auctions- a good time all around!

Back in May, we told you about the Hell on Reels [Astoria Moving Picture Festival] over at Hell Gate Social (12St & Astoria Blvd.). Well it was such a hit that they are getting together a summer series!
On June 25th, July 30th and September 10th they will be screening the films outdoors in true NYC summer style. I'm telling you about this now because its time to send in your submissions! Send in as many as you have as long as they are 15 minutes or less along with your entry form that you can get via their site.
*This Sunday they will be continuing the "V" miniseries viewing that started last weekend! What an 80's flashback!!!


Jason said...

"With such a random Brazilian/Greek name it could have been a fusion cuisine restaurant!"

That's exactly what I thought. I'm happy that it's a jewelry store and not another freaking spa, as I first suspected!

Anonymous said...

Theu have very unique purses there and the employees are very funny. It is a new store and they are just getting feedback from the customers to decide which products to concentrate on.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know...over $14,000 was raised at the darts for dollars event at the Irish Rover.

Unknown said...

holy darts! wow, thats awesome! thanks for the update :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks flooz, the Irish rover gig for dartsfordollars was a great success, My thanks to all help raised 14K for the cause bringing it to 26K for the year...Larry

Unknown said...

yay! awesome :)