Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Creek and the Cave

Last week I finally made it out to The Creek and the Cave in Long Island City; it's about a block from the Vernon-Jackson subway station. And it's interesting - you turn one way out of the subway and it's desolate. You turn another direction and you're just steps away from open businesses and foot traffic. LIC is definitely still developing and parts of it are still very industrial.

We walked in and were greeted by a very nice young man who gave us a rundown of where everything is in the space. There's a bar upstairs and downstairs, a room to play pool, a performance space next door, and a really great outdoor patio in the back with another smaller bar and plenty of tables, chairs, and a movie screen. They show films out there on Thursday nights during the warmer months.

We had some great beer - a Sol, which is kind of like a Corona but much better, and I a red ale from a brewery whose name I forget, but what was notable - beyond its real tastiness - was that it was from a brewery that is women-run in Pennsylvania. We also had a salsa and guacamole ($5.95) sampler which was also really good. The food itself was ok. I had three soft tacos, one of each filled with chicken, pork, and tofu. The pork was by far the best, savory yet sweet. We also tried chicken enchiladas made with flour tortillas, which to me is a little odd - I'm accustomed to enchiladas being corn tortilla-based. Everything was tasty but not stellar. I'd definitely give the food another chance, though, and try other things. I hear the burritos are particularly good.

The guy who served us was terrific, though. Super nice and helpful and gave us great suggestions when we asked for them. It was the kind of service that makes you want to leave a really big tip. And the movie (Kill Bill), while quite violent, was a lot of fun. I'm really curious to know what happens in Kill Bill 2.

So, overall, the beer is great, salsa and guacamole is also great, tacos and enchiladas are ok, service is very good, and the vibe is excellent. Laid back and relaxed, a nice place where you can just hang out with friends and enjoy yourselves. Oh, and they have live music there quite often. Definitely recommended.

The Creek and The Cave
10-93 Jackson Ave.
Long Island City

Open for lunch, dinner and drinks Tuesday through Friday.
Dinner and drinks Saturday and Sunday.


KG said...

Definitely give the food another shot! I think the food is great. If you didn't try the smoked chipotle sauce (available on the enchiladas and burritos), you're missing out.

Unknown said...

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Jenonymous said...

Guys--I LOVE the C&C. The food can sometimes be uneven, but the drinks are the bomb and the staff is amazing. The best bet is always any of the burritos or burgers. I have been chowing there for 6 years.

And, I'm gonna blow my cover by saying this, but there is one item that is in the menu system but not actually on the menu that you MUST have--the Burgerito Deluxe. It's also called the "stoner special"--it's hamburger meat, fries, tomatos, cheese, and other burger fixings IN a burrito. IT IS THE SHIT. I LOVE IT. And, I'm pretty much the only person who ever orders it, and since they took it off the menu, I pester the staff to put that bad boy back on every time I visit. Go ASK for it and RESURRECT the Burgerito Deluxe!

And if you're reading this, Rebecca, sorry to make this secret open to the public. :D

craynkshaft said...

Love that joint! Well worth the trek from Watertaxi Beach or PS1

Bacchus said...

The beer was from Stoudt's Brewery, run by Carol Stoudt. I believe that this is the only microbrewery run by a woman.

megc said...

Thank you jenonymous, randall, and bacchus for your feedback! I expect I'll be back again - the place has a cozy vibe inside and I love the backyard (thought I expect it'll close when it gets colder). And bacchus, thanks especially for that info about the beer I had. It was really good.

jenonymous, that burgerito deluxe sounds amazing!

Brandon said...

Also, it's just about the only indie-rock venue in all of Queens (2 million + people!) music every Friday and Saturday nights for a paltry $5, and there's been local and national buzz bands like Beat the Devil, Awesome Color, Great Lakes Myth Society, The Finches, Chris Bathgate, The Muggabears, Southeast Engine, and Casper & the Cookies, to name a few...

querque said...

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