Sunday, September 23, 2007

Patisserie la Brioche D'Or

A new patisserie has opened up on Steinway, Patisserie la Brioche D'Or, right near the intersection of Steinway and 25th Avenue, next to the Morrocan place on the corner, east side of the street. I think they are still getting set up, but when I was by a couple night ago, they had some things available on the counter and in the case. I saw some basic French pastries - little tarts and eclairs - as well as arab pastries.

The nice man behind the counter gave me a crescent shaped cookie that consisted of a thin wheat pastry (kind of like very thin pie dough) that was filled with ground almonds flavored with sugar and rosewater, I think. It didn't taste like marzipan at all, hooray! Very tasty. There were some other sweet things on the counter that looked kind of like pretzels laced with honey and some baklava type items, among others. I think the people running the patisserie are from north Africa.

I think it will be a very nice addition to that part of Steinway Street. I love this part of Astoria, and plan to spend more time there. I'll definitely be back to Patisserie la Brioche D'Or to try more things!


Unknown said...

dang, you scooped me! i was trying to get there on saturday but it started to rain on me. glad to see its open, i'll be investigating this week :)

Anonymous said...

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Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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