Friday, March 20, 2009

Astoria Artists are Awesome

Yes they are!

There's a group of artists in Astoria that want to meet you. They say "Astoria Artists are Awesome" and are interested in bringing artists of all sorts (visual, physical, sounding, etc.) together, along with the spectators, the supporters, and the critics, to make the arts in Astoria "more visible and more of a thing to do on a Saturday night for local residents."

Led by dancer Esther Palmer, they meet a couple times a month, once for drinks and chatting, once for a meeting to talk more in depth about the arts in Astoria. They are having one of their meetings this weekend. Join them on Saturday 3/21 at Cafe Bar at 2:30pm to discuss what AAaA is doing/can do/should do to promote the growth of the artistic community in Astoria.

I know they'd love to see you!

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