Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Joseph's Day Brings Deliciousness

FYI, today is St. Joseph's Day. I have a friend named Joseph, so I send him good wishes today!

It being St. Joesph's Day and all, know that Rose & Joe's bakery (home of the very tasty pizza) has St. Joseph's Bread today. It is believed by some, that if St. Joseph's bread is kept in the home, the family will never starve. What I know, is that it's delicious!

Sfinge/zeppoli are also tasty St. Joseph's Day baked items. Totally worth it. Check it out at Rose & Joes. In fairness, neighboring La Guli probably has some pretty kickass St. Joseph's Day goodies, too.

Where else in the neighborhood do you find your St. Joseph's Day sweets?


Fooditka said...

Maybe Astoria Bakery II on Ditmars and 36th Street might have something - they have Italian-style sweets. That picture that you have here looks mighty gooood!

Fooditka said...

Ohh and what about that huge bakery on 30th Avenue near 45th Street. I forgot the name but it's very Italian and there's always a crowd gathered around--and inside--it.

megc said...

Good ideas! I just thought of - DUH - Gian & Piero! Thay have fabulous carrot cake and other things, I be they have great St. Joseph sweets. Yum.