Friday, March 13, 2009

Recent Events: Queens Holistic Moms and LIC Boathouse Fundraiser

Just wanted to post a little about two recent events I attended - the Queens Holistic Moms kickoff meeting on Wednesday, and the LIC Boathouse Fundraiser event last night.

The Queens Holistic Moms meeting was a huge success! Lots of people showed up with their kids and families, so much so that the space had to be expanded at ARROW (they have movable partitions to separate the space into multiple sections). It was great to see so many people interested in holistic living/wellness in Astoria. They have a bunch of events upcoming, which I think will be a good time for all involved.

The LIC Boathouse event was also a great success! There were probably over 200 people there throughout the evening. I didn't get a chance to taste much of the food, but the few sweet things I tasted were wonderful - I'm guessing they were from Sage General Store. There was beer, wine, and soft drinks, a slide show, and a film or two playing in the background. It was neat to see The Foundry as well, which I'd heard so much about. The best part about the night was seeing so many from the community come out and support this important community resource. On a personal level, I loved seeing so many friends there!

I took pictures of both events and will share them with you here as soon as I can upload and edit them!

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