Tuesday, May 24, 2005

All-Astorian Birthday Party

mike B
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I know, I've written about Brick 450,000,003 times, but what can I say? I live in a storage container in their basement. They only let me out to write praiseful copy.

Last night, me and some buddies rocked it out for a birthday party Brick style. With 14 guests, the food was still great, and the wine still tasty + affordable.

During dessert, some interesting and affable gentlemen next door sent the birthday boy a glass of port. Then the house bought the entire party a round! (No, they do not know I do this site).

The waitress was the real pro. I'd kill to have a picture of her wearing one of our party hats!

- Joey

PS. Dude, did you see I'm on About.com? Holy Schmolies!

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