Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Splash into The Foundry

OMG, what is that big yellow thing in the sky? The sun? Could it be?

Hello. Have you been to Astoria Beach yet? Well, maybe you're holding out for it to get swanked up a little more (although it is looking its finest in 20 years, so how high are your standards, dude?). Okay, then have you been to The Foundry? No. You haven't. 'Cause its only open for exclusive events. It's a "meticulously restored", industrial uber-hip venue in LIC. Well, you are in luck. We can get a 2fer this Thursday.

The Long Island City Community Boathouse invites you to Splash - its annual par-tay! Splash will help the Boathouse raise money to clean up our beach and waterways and create public access to both.

They'll have lots of snacky-treats, wine, music and other fun times. There's a suggested donation of $20 (it *is* a fundraiser, but a pretty cheap one at that). If you think you'll go, drop my pal Erik Baard at the Boathouse an email, just so he's got a heads up.

See you there!

- Joey