Friday, May 06, 2005

Weekend Edition - May 6th

Mother's Day
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This weekend is rainy (again!) and Mother's Day.

I'm recommending you come out to Cornelia Street Cafe tonight to support Astorian art. Saturday's for Nexflix and take-out.

I don't have a mommy, so this Mother's Day you should all spoil yours a little extra for me. Get up early on Sunday. Buy your mom some pretty flowers or plants at one of the neighb's 10 zillion florists. I think the flowers at the bodega on Broadway & 38th are the best. Then pick up some treats at Martha's Bakery on 31st Av between 34th & 33rd for you to share. Those tarts are soooo good. Maybe buy her something pretty at Loveday 31. If it's nice out, make sure to stroll past the cherry blossoms near Omonia. You could always pop in for a frappe.