Friday, May 20, 2005

Weekend Edition - 5/20

Oookay. This weekend, the weather might be nice. That means you - who I know didn't bike to work today - need to get off your bum and do some fun stuff.

Tonight, be the first on the block to check out The Sparrow. Tomorrow, get to this crazy puppet show. I have to miss it, so let me know if it's as awesome as it sounds. Tomorrow night eat dinner anywhere in the neighb that's not Baru. Elia's Fish Corner (TBB - To Be Blogged) would be choice. Sunday, go for a walk. Check out my flowers or plant some of your own. Or go for a bike ride (but *not* to work this time). And while you're at it, call your mom. Tell you love her.

Happy Weekend!

- Joey

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lforney said...

Oh, I so rode my bike to work today. Well, I rode my girlfriend's bike, since it has fenders. And now I ride it back home to an "Ubol's and new video game" evening. (My girlfriend works nights in case you're wondering if I am the kind of guy that would ignore my girlfriend for a video game(I'm not(the new video game is God of War)))