Tuesday, May 10, 2005

If you like Starbucks...

Cafe Bar
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Well, folks it's a fact, Starbucks 3rd location is moving to Astoria on 35th Avenue. It will be somewhere near the Studios and Pizzaria Uno.

Yes, Starbucks is pretty and yes they have tasty treats, but I don't think it's much of a secret that they uproot small local coffee houses. If you're going to hit starbucks, hey, I get it. But don't forget you're local coffee houses. Besides, Starbucks always burns their coffee.

If you like Starbucks on Ditmars, you'll love Freeze Peach on 29th Street. Freeze Peach is a super-hip, comfy hangout with the best tea in Queens.

If you like Starbucks on Steinway, you'll love Brick Cafe on 31st Av or Omonia on Broadway. Omnia is the quintessential Greek cafe and Brick makes a killer latte. I just had one on Saturday. See previous post "Brick Cafe is Awesome".

If you [will] like Starbucks on 35th Avenue, you'll love Cafe Bar on 34th Avenue. Cafe Bar's industry crowd and velvet couches will enhance your coffee experience.

I got this idea from delocater.net. A must for all independent coffee house lovers.

- Joey

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