Friday, May 13, 2005

Weekend Edition - 5/13

As per usual, the weather has a 40-50% chance of sucking. It won't really be cold, though. This may be the perfect time to don those cute plastic rain boots you bought in February. Besides if you don't wear them, your boyfriend will continue to make fun of you for buying them. Walk down to Long Island City. Check out the LIC Culture Festival. Juvenal Studios, Exposure, PS. 1. The Flux Factory is kidding itself if it thinks it's in Long Island City; it's in Sunnyside, but another fine neighb, no less.

Get back to Astoria to wax poetic about all the artistic inspiration at one of the neighb's many non-Starbucks coffee houses. You are so brilliant!

Sunday, go for a walk or sit out on your stoop. Read the Sunday paper or go get a frappe.

Happy Weekend!

- Joey