Thursday, March 30, 2006

April 1, just the day not the fool part!


corner of 24 avenue and 29 street

They're throwin a big ole 80's HAIR PARTY!

Eighties music, dance, drink, hair...

This may just be the way to introduce myself to the Sparrow family
Long Live the 80's!


megc said...

A flock of haircuts, indeed!

Anonymous said...

i would LOVE to go to this, but won't be in town april 1st. please let us know the next time they have an 80's hair party. what a great idea!


Zora said...

Finally, I realize why I've been growing my hair out these past couple of years--this is my calling!

(Or this an elaborate April Fool's setup to make me walk into a bar full of leather-clad smokers who look like Che Guevara, all fancied up with hairspray and spandex?)

Unknown said...

you know, good point. i thought it might be a joke, but you know....i don't think i'd feel silly anyway! hahaha

Anonymous said...

too much smoke in that craphole. Sorry.